A small team of enthusiasts

Antilles Dominica Eco Tours Limited is a family agency born from a love affair of a couple for this island which is a real pearl of the Caribbean. How not to fall in love with an island where it is possible to drink water from rivers, where vegetation is queen, where people are not obsessed with consumption but happy despite a simple standard of living?

Our passion is to make you share by walking, hiking, Trek and Trail this island still authentic. Our wish is to make you discover it, to you who do not try to consume but to taste, who accept to buy at the right price of the service rendered.

For this to be realistic it has been necessary for us to:

  • To create the company of Tour Operating in the island so that part of the results returns to it in different taxes.
  • Evaluate, propose partnership agreements based on respect for the Dominican people.
  • Paying the service at a fair price.
  • Create the smallest structure possible so that your money comes back as much as possible locally.
  • Use local skills as much as possible, continually seek them out.

We therefore work in a team with all our Dominicans partners to offer you a diligent service.

Discover our charter

Looking forward to welcoming you !

Françoise and Pierre

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